Sunday, May 22, 2011


Last weekend was pretty chilly! I wanted to crochet an easy project that I could finish in one weekend. I settled on these cute slippers.

Finished slippers:

Top (left) and bottom:

Why the crazy colors? I have been trying to get rid of some yarn for awhile so I could get some new. These are all colors I only have enough to do small projects with.

Once I made some for myself Vincent wanted me to make him some, so I did. I only have pictures of the first one that I made, however, I later realized I messed it up. I took it apart and fixed it. Man! It took as long to take it apart as it did to put it together.

Unfortunately, I don't have any pics of his all fixed up...yet! I will get some though.
Once I had made three, the fourth one was pretty easy.

The slippers are made using granny squares. I totally love the idea. The pattern can be found here.

Here are my colors:

Each slipper takes six squares:
Sizes are altered by the number of rows in the square and can be adjusted in smaller sizes by adding single crochet rows. I did find that the size I made fits a wide variety of sizes.

Three of six together:

Sides, soles and toe:


From here you start making it take shape. You add the heel square last. Keeping track of the squares was the hardest part of the project. It wasn't so bad with my crazy colors, but when I made Vin's it was difficult because they were all various shades of brown. I would suggest using different colors for a first pair.

G's mom modeling:


The ones in the pattern picture are cuter, but I would say mine aren't bad for a first try!

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