Monday, April 4, 2011

Pretty Pup 4.4.11

A couple of weeks ago, I purchased some cute Luxe Blossom Design blossoms. I got a trio for myself, and another for my sister. I also got a single one for my niece. They are SO cute! Then, I thought, with an (very cute) ugly dog, maybe she would like a blossom for herself.

So I special requested one that I could clip on her collar and, well, it arrived yesterday. It was hard to get a cute photo of her with the blossom, but I did my best. I'm also thinking they would be cute on little rubber bands for dogs with a lot of hair. My sister always does her pup's hair. She puts a ribbon by each ear, but Lexi doesn't have enough hair for that.

I'm also thinking a line of blossoms would be cute, like, a medium-size one in the middle, then a small one on each side with a little pin on each small one so it could slide on her collar. Maybe next time.

This totally counts as my photo of the day.


Lauren, the girl who makes these, has been really patient with my crazy requests for certain colors, one with a smaller clip for baby hair and now one that will slide on my pup's collar. And doesn't she look pretty!

She is so creative and the blossoms are incredibly cute. I gave one to Gary's sister today as a late birthday present and she loved it!

These other two photos aren't mine. I stole them straight from her Facebook account... hopefully that's okay.

If any of the three people who read my blog are interested... here's her Etsy site.

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  1. Totally okay. I hijacked yours for MY facebook page. :) Thanks for the kind words!



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