Sunday, April 3, 2011

New Playset!

Gary and I have wanted to build Vincent a playset for the past several years. What has stopped us? Well, for one, they're expensive. And two, we live within walking distance of not one, but two awesome city parks. But this year we decided to finally go ahead and do it. Well, here is the almost finished product.

The slide is 10 feet long. IMG_9747

The playset features tree branch spindles, left over from our tree trimming, as well as a cute telescope.


The playset is where our rock box used to be, trucks can still be played with underneath. Also, there is a little wooden tree stump table and seats.


Safety grab bars also are made from carefully selected leftover wood pieces. You can see one to Vincent's left, as well as two at the top of the ladder.

IMG_9753 IMG_9757

Also, since Vincent can't really carry stuff while he's climbing up the ladder, there is a pretty sweet pulley set up for him.

IMG_9754 IMG_9756 IMG_9758

We have a baby swing for when babies visit.


A little merry-go-round and a jeep, although I think Vin might be getting big for the octopus thing...


Oh, and did I mention there were binoculars?


And finally, G plans to add a little climbing wall. Here are some of the pieces we have chosen for it.


Don't worry, there's still plenty of wood left...

IMG_9765 IMG_9767


Gary still wants to add a pirate flag, caps on the rails, possibly a roof or umbrella, and "clean it up" by erasing some of the pencil lines and sanding anything rough. But Vincent loves it. Now we just need to get some friends to come over!



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