Tuesday, February 15, 2011


When you're seeing things through a child's eyes, events seem to last a lifetime. Driving 15 minutes seems like it takes an hour, waiting for birthdays seemed long enough to identify half birthdays and even proudly say "I'm five - and a half!" As a child, I never understood why people said "time flies" or talked about how fast things had changed.

Now that I'm older and I have a child of my own, I think it's fair to say time passes way faster than you'd like it to. Sometimes things pass so quickly that you don't even realize you should be enjoying them. It's easy to get so wrapped up in the daily grind that you don't realize that your life is passing you by.

Just yesterday, I was waiting for a sweet little bundle of joy to be born. I wasn't sure what I was having, but I was sure that he or she was stubborn! At 10 days past due, with a huge baby, the doctor decided a cesarian section would be best. In the hospital, I held my baby boy. He was a few hours old, or new I should say. He was the most beautiful baby in the world, with dark hair and bright blue eyes.

But those baby days have passed. He's 4, and every day is an adventure. He's creative and smart, and he likes to tell stories. He loves reading, writing, drawing and working on spelling (of course, look at his mom). He likes trains, movies and he loves his dog poppa got him for his third birthday. This morning he was dancing with her. She with a pathetic little "help me" look and he had a look of sheer joy. The simple things in life can sometimes be the best.

Gary and I both loved staying home with Vincent, and we're glad we had the opportunity for one of us to be home with him for the first four years of his life. But things are changing. Gary and I both have day jobs now and our "baby" is getting ready to start kindergarten (not this fall, but next).

We thought the best option for him would be preschool, but when we looked there weren't any openings. He is in daycare now and really likes it. He puts a smile on the teacher's faces with his cute statements (Like when they were singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and he blurted out "Now let's do some rock and roll!"), his smarts (like when they were doing letter recognition-which he already knows- and he named something "puppy" and wrote it on the project, perfectly) and his creativity (like his story about Papa finding a giant sweet heart with a telescope on top of his van and sharing it with Memaw, and his cute artwork).

Yesterday the preschool called. There is an opening for this summer. Today we will pick up paperwork and start working on it. All I can say is, God, how time flies.


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