Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Yes, It's True.

It was about 6 a.m. Saturday, July 16. Gary, Vincent and I were at his parent's house visiting, sleeping in our respective recliners. They have a spare room, but it also had a guest, so we got the chairs. Gary nudges me. It went something like this. You'll have to forgive me if I'm a little foggy- it was early.

"Babe, have you seen this?
You see, Gary's mom is a trinket person. She loves shopping and getting cute little knicknacks and pattywacks and whatnot. I barely opened my eyes before I said "mmhmm."
"But look," he said, and opened the top. Inside was...another littler bejeweled box!

Still not amused, I said something like, "Yeah. I've seen it, there's a smaller one and a smaller one and it keeps getting smaller." See? I had it all figured out.
But what I didn't have figured out, or any idea of whatsoever is what came next.
"Will you marry me?"
At this point I sat up and said "Are you serious?" I really had no idea, and to be fair, I was still halfway asleep. I'm sure I was very attractive, both looking and feeling. Fortuantely for you, I didn't get any photos of me that morning.
After a moment, I realized that he was serious and of course, I said yes.
I mean, I knew it would happen eventually and I had wondered when and how he would ask. None of it is what I expected, but that's why I love and continue to love him.
The ring was given to Gary's mom by her mom about 50 years ago. It's unique and different. It's better than anything I could ask for or pick out at a store.
And the best part?
It was a surprise.


  1. I absolutely love it. Engagement stories are so fun no matter when, where, and how you look! I love the ring too - so unique and one of a kind. Just like your's and Gary's love. Congrats to you both!

  2. That ring is absolutely beautiful! That is so cute how he proposed. If you need ANY help with the wedding planning please let me know. I would love to help any way that I can. You are going to be a beautiful bride! We seriously need to get together soon and hang out.



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