Sunday, March 20, 2011

Moolah Shrine Circus

Gary, Vincent, Heidi, Paige and I went to the circus Saturday morning. We got there early, but apparently not early enough. When we were trying to find seats people were literally saving 5 or 10 seats. Some people had two people, one on each end of the row, saving the entire row. No one saw a problem with this. I mean, people that get there five minutes before the performance get to go in and sit in their nice, saved seat. If people want to sit together they should wait outside until they're all together then find seats. I don't see a huge problem with it for smaller events, but for something where there is going to be thousands of people, c'mon. Be respectful. I'm not trying to be ungrateful or complain, but it was really frustrating. We had tickets too...
Besides the seat thing, we had a pretty fun time. This year's circus seemed a lot more packed than last year. There wasn't a bear riding a bicycle or the dog show, but there was a quick change artist, a guy getting shot out of a canon, the elephants, monkeys, tigers and other cool acts.
I couldn't get really great pictures because we were sitting really far away, but here are a few.
This photo reminds me of Willa Wonka for some reason.
I was trying to get his shadow. I couldn't see this part very well.
There he is...
Ring of fire
Cute lil monkey
Elephant act... well, the back of it anyway :D
Baby elephant!
Aerial artist
Flag finale
If we get to go next year, we'll know to get there earlier!

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