Tuesday, July 28, 2009

China Trip 1

Day 1-Wednesday- At the Airport (July 1)
I woke up at 3am, but I didn’t really sleep much the night before. I tried to bring V to bed with me, but he didn’t want to sleep in my bed. He wanted to sleep on his huge “love sack” style bean bag. So I moved in there. Then, he was convinced that “he didn’t want a nap.” He wanted to get up. I had to tell him that it wasn’t naptime, it was bedtime and I finally got him settled. I woke up when G finally got home from work at nearly 11.

I told myself I would be brave, but I had a really hard time leaving Vincent at the house. And my eyes did tear up. We left for the airport at 4 and got there at a little after 5. A beautiful chocolate man, named Frank, helped us do the “self check-in.” So we didn’t have to wait in line. That was very nice. We made our way down to our gate and that is where I am sitting now. My stomach is in knots and doing summersaults. I’m terrified of only the flight right now, I suppose because that is the first thing I have to do.

The airport wasn’t as busy as I expected. It was actually quite empty, but it’s starting to fill up now. As I walked through the hallways I made it very obvious that I was new at this. Staring ahead of me, like a lost puppy, I watched what everyone else did and I made it!
I just talked to V on the phone. I told him I was going to China today and he said “yeaaah.” He had just woken up. He told me he loved me and kissed the phone. Curious George and The Man with the Yellow Hat” will be at our library today, and mom is taking V. I asked him if he would be scared and he said, “No! I like Curious George!” Aww. I hope he has fun. Alright, I’m signing out for now to keep my battery charged.

post note: He did not like Curious George. I'm told he was quite terrified...

Here's a muffin I got from the airport. It was HUGE, and delicious.

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